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What is the price of a Black life?
A million, 10 thousand, a five?
In America it seems the price is less than for those 
whose skin is white.
Time and time again when our rights we must defend,
the color of our skin determines fate.
Why are we more likely to be convicted of a crim
than whites with the same charges, but don't serve the time?
I am just stating what seems to me to be an obvious
injustice in this land of the free.
I can't help but wonder who determined the price, 
the value, the worth of a Black life.
We are more likely to die from bad health cuz
access to treatments go to those who have wealth.
What is the price of a Black life and why is it less 
than someone who is white.
I don't want special treatment.
I just think fairness is right.
Do we not live and love and bleed the same.
Being heirs to the King, we can all claim.
I don't have all the answers,
but I know what I see
and no one can have freedom until we are all free.

Tomorrow is not promised.
Yesterday is gone for good.
Wondering if I did everything 
that I felt I could.
Striving to be the very best that God meant 
for me to be.
Reaching the top of the mountain 
so His Glory I could see.
Never second guessing whether 
I did the right thing,
To leave in my memory
a song the world could sing.

In memory of my Aunty, Viola Burruss

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